Week 4 Assignment: Understanding ANOVA and t-distributions

https://nursehomeworks.com/jid  You will define how an Analysis of Variance and t-distributions are used in biostatistics. This internet exercise assignment should be at least 450 words and no more than 1-1/2 pages long. You will need to cite within the text and have a reference section in APA format (current edition) as well as adhere to standard writing for graduate level. Provide SPSS code used to generate t-test and ANOVA results. You may use our Household Data to produce these results. You must include your SPSS code and your output directly in submission. Simply create an appendix in the paper and place the code there. Remember these same statistical models could be used for the final paper. So, practice these steps this week.  For example, if you use the mean, provide SPSS code (copy-paste) or share steps to produce mean for that particular variable. Use this website to learn more about how to use SPSS or refer to the Help section with your SPSS software. For example to find the mean of a variable consider reviewing this step-by-step guide for t-tests. ANOVA consider this example or use the Help feature within the software.  You must attach a paper containing your submission to this assignment so it can be checked via Turnitin.  Step 1: You will define t distributions from your textbook and/or various sources first. You are demonstrating that you understood the concept .You are going to define this in 2-3 sentences by using your textbook and/or other sources.  Step 2: You are going to pick an article that utilized the concept of ANOVA and t-distributions. To review these articles, visit the APUS library. Or, you want to take a look at the following sites to select your article:  Journal of Public Health  European Journal of Public Health   American Journal of Epidemiology  The Journal of Infectious Diseases  Clinical Infectious Diseases   Health Promotion International  Step 3: Thoroughly READ the article and TAKE notes.  Step 4: Complete the writing of your summary with a review of this article. In your assessment of this article, you MUST provide how the researchers used the statistical concept in their research by doing the following: 1) Explain the sample (i.e., population used), 2) Summarize the statistical analysis and what software or analysis package was used and 3) Evaluate and describe the results and conclusions in your own words. It is very important that you are able to paraphrase and apply critical thinking in each of these assignments. You MUST provide the statistics used in the research article and cannot simply state the researchers used the statistical concept. This can be done by providing the results or figures, graphs, tables, etc.


Academic Level College
Subject Area Medicine and Health
Paper Type  Essay
Number of Pages 2 Page(s)/550 words
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Format APA
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